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I read a quote about love somewhere and the analogy made me smile. It was about how our love is like the ocean when it kisses the shoreline. It keeps getting pushed away, but it keeps coming back, each time reaching further. These are not the exact words. I forgot where I found it, but it’s creative and original and a piece of work that I will always remember. 

Do you ever watch the ocean? The way it’s supposed to make you feel calm. People always talk about how watching the ocean as the sun rises is a moment of serenity, how the waves crashing onto the shore sooth the restless mind as the breeze brushes your hair. Do you ever watch the ocean? Do you ever wonder about the secrets it holds? Do you ever wonder about the difference between looking at the ocean and being in the ocean? From a distance, watching it’s gentle waves, ruffling the water out in the distance, swaying and moving whatever object lies in it. From a moment of peace to a moment of fear. 

Being encompassed by the ocean is one of the most frightening moments in a life. I wonder about those who were caught under the ocean, pulled underneath by the strength of the tide, pulling away from life. There are those that choose to take the ocean’s hand and follow it to the bottom, and there are those that have no choice but to let the tide take over. I dreamt of walking towards the ocean, my toes curled at the first touch of the water. I took its hand as it led me towards the horizon. I walked until my eyes closed and my feet could no longer feel the sand. I let my body float freely as the water carried my weight and I thought about the many bodies that lay underneath the ocean. I thought about the ocean as a big diary, holding each person’s last entry before they take their last breath. What was it about, I wonder. What people think about before that final moment of letting go. 

Do you ever watch the ocean? The way it’s supposed to make you feel calm. Watch the ocean from another perspective and you may discover secrets that were never supposed to be found, secrets that were supposed to be buried away beneath the lips of those who kissed the shore goodbye.